Snow and Ice Melter with Exothermic Action RIM Ice Melter Works at the Lowest Temperatures

Winter storms strike, and sometimes it can feel like they're aiming right for you. But you already know what to do: stock up on RIM Ice Melter today and watch your problems melt away.

Top 3 Reasons to Order RIM Ice Melter:

Fast, tough, long-lasting at the lowest temperatures.

You'll be spreading the ice melter that works up to 24 times faster than the competition and keeps working at lower temperatures.

No-damage Ice Melter

You'll use it with the confidence of knowing that you won't be damaging concrete, shrubs, trees or grass.

3 Convenient sizes
to choose from.

RIM Ice Melter is offered in convenient 7.5 lb. shaker bottles, 25 lb. pails, and 50 lb. pails.

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